​​​​​​​All of Hamilton's water supply comes from the Waikato River. Hamilton's water treatment, distribution, and management systems ensure that when water reaches consumers, it is free from harmful organisms and meets water supply standards.

Hamilton’s reticulated water supply system consists of one water treatment plant that provides potable water to eight different reservoirs located around the city through over 1000km of piping. The reticulated (piped) network delivers the water straight to the taps of consumers.

For more information, see A Guide to Hamilton's Water Supply - River to the Tap  

Water pressure

Water pressure varies around the city and depends mainly on where the property is located. In general, the central business district has up to 92 metres of head, Dinsdale and Newcastle up to 85 metres and the rest of the city up to 75 metres. 

However, the city ensures that there is a minimum pressure head of 10 meters and 25 litres of flow per minute available for each house. (Note: 10m head=100kPa=14.5psi=1kg/cm²).

Industrial water supply

Industrial businesses are required to contact us if they require or increase their water consumption to greater than 15 cubic metres of water per day.

Water Take Permits for Water Carriers

A permit is required to draw water from the Hamilton water supply system for purposes other than fire fighting. The use of hydrants is now restricted to the Fire Service and designated water take points must be used for all other water take.

For more information visit Water Take Permits Information 

Tour information

Hamilton City Council conducts tours at our Water Treatment Plant for interested groups of people.

The tour will explain the water treatment processes and provide a general overview of Hamilton’s water supply. 

Tours are tailored to the audience and are intended for:
• General public
• School groups (Year 5 and above)
• Special interest groups

Tours can be arranged by completing the online registration form

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